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Should You Get a Sexual Harassment Attorney?

When you are an employee, you have been educated on the policy of your company regarding sexual harassment. But, when such type of situation would come up, it can make you feel uncomfortable and you would find it unclear if it is sexual harassment or not. It is actually time that sexual harassment lawyer so that you can be clarified regarding the situation and to know what to do about this.

This means if there is something of a sexual nature take places in the workplace, then it would make you feel uncomfortable and you surely have a case. The offense should appear to be reasonable in order to have a claim. Understand that there is no standard definition on such and the determination would be up to the court’s decision. The sexual harassment would happen outside the workplace like in the health care setting, financial service provider or the school or the property management.

Sexual circumstances can be requiring sexual favors to be able to get a raise, inappropriate touching, request as well as sexual advances. Also, displaying pictures or telling jokes that are of sexual nature as well as requesting for a date regularly even if one has been told no are also sexual harassment in the California courts.
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If you are in this type of situation and you think that you are in this criteria for sexual harassment in the place where you work, then you must let the HR manager know about this. They will do something about it to remedy the situation. As a matter of fact, when you have not reported anything to the employer, then you won’t have a legal basis for the claim, unless it is proved that harassment is practiced openly.
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If you have reported this concern to the HR department and no improvement has been made in the situation, then you may file a claim against the employer. This is due to the reason that when sexual harassment is known and the company just ignores this, then the company is culpable.

When different complaints, though they are quite trivial, needs to be investigated as well as documented in a thorough manner. Such would happen in a few days after having a complaint but the courts know that the complainant will actually take time to get the courage to report the issue. The company won’t just be able to transfer the complainant far from the accused harasser especially if this would appear like it is a demotion. But, the accused may be suspended, transferred or terminated due to the complaint. The sexual harassment attorney will surely help you and you can better understand the situation and get what you deserve.

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